What’s New In Vidmate App?

Vidmate app is considered one of the best video downloader for android devices. It helps you download any video from any video websites at a fast speed and at any quality you prefer, mostly HD quality that brings clarity and good picture quality for you. Amongst many options that are available for Vidmate app download include getting an option of adding even secondary videos portal. Vidmate HD video downloader can be downloaded as apk from its website. In recent times, Vidmate app for android has improved its interface with addition of features. These features that are found in latest versions are as follows.

Download Vidmate for android 2019 version 3.6503 updated on February 2019 with an interface that is accessible easily and also which is quite easy to navigate through. The update comes with an inbuilt browser which allows you to search your preferred media and download it. You can use a copied link and paste it on the browser search bar and proceed to download the media file that you want.

Another new feature in the Vidmate app is its now allows users to access multiple downloading at the same time. You can now download up to four media contents simultaneously at once with the new updates. This means that there is no more waiting for even large media files to finish downloading and then you continue downloading. You get four downloads at the same time at a fast speed.

The latest Vidmate HD video downloader app allows its users to now stop, pause and even replay downloading whenever you require doing so. It is not just getting multiple downloads only, but you can stop any download, pause any download whenever you want to do so. The Vidmate apk allows you even to check the downloading progress of your media file in the notification bar.

For android, the Vidmate app has updated another feature that allows its users to keep their content private if they want to. The app provides a user with an encrypted space within the interface which keeps the content secure, hence providing more security for your content. Vidmate users can secure the encrypted space with a pre-set sequence or pass codes that only the user knows. No more worrying about your content, with this feature you are safe with you media and videos.

The newer Vidmate app apk also allows the user to freely stream live TV. You are now able to stream videos, movies, music and live TVs on the Vidmate app. With the ability to stream live TV, you can now watch your favorite TV shows ranging from fashion, sports, entertainment and many more TV shows that you like. With Vidmate HD video downloader you will never miss a match or a show.

Vidmate version apk 4.0401 has a larger size with an improved and new UI. This update has one major change. The change is that there is no longer the video section. Vidmate still has all the features to help you download but the video feature has been ditched by the developers. The addition to this update is a new file share feature for android. This new feature allows the user to share files with other devices. This feature works similar to share it app because it does not require data for it work. Both devices must have the latest version for it to function. Lastly this update ensures there are no more ads when sharing files, which makes this new update commendable.

Final update on the latest versions of 4.0+ is that bugs from previous versions of Vidmate have been fixed. The app is more stable and it runs smoothly with all features both new and old working seamlessly and without any problem.

The new Vidmate app version 4.0607 update came on March 14 2019. Every week Vidmate releases a new update. Vidmate 4.0808 was released on 28th march 2019. All these updates do not necessarily mean that there is a new feature. These weekly updates helps in ensuring the app is more stable and works properly. Getting new updates is good and will keep your app working well all the time. Download Vidmate for android to enjoy more watching and entertainment while downloading millions of videos from many sites.


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