Vidmate 4.2.7

Vidmate has just became a new trend for downloading videos and sharing them with your family and friends as well. Internet has many applications that offer you to watch videos but you can’t download them or watch them later without an internet connection. While for some websites, you need to pay them in order to get your favourite videos download. This used to be big problem in past but the entry of Vidmate has solved it all for you. Need to download your video within seconds, without any delay and that too completely free of cost? Seems like a dream, right? Vidmate has made it all quite real. So, lets download Vidmate app.

You can now watch all the dramas, movies, talk shows in HD quality with one click! And yeah, download it as well because Vidmate has been doing this job quite well. Therefore, it’s trusted by people in whole world. It covers variety of TV channels as well,  making it convenient for its users. Its unique features not only download your videos but also manage it for you. Most importantly, its user friendly feature makes it most convenient. You can select the resolution and format for your videos as well.

Whats new

The journey of introducing new features with the arrival of latest versions continues. Vidmate 2.3.7 has much more in store to offer its clients and the game is getting stronger yet interesting:

No advertisements

Usually whenever we open an app, some random unwanted advertisement pops up the screen, leading to a new window and eventually something gets installed into the phone and even sometimes the phone gets struck. This irritates the user who end up uninstalling the app.

But the good news is, this biggest problem is solved by latest version of Vidmate. Keeping in view the priority of user,  all such advertisements are blocked and you would never see it popping up the screen when using the app. That’s why, we call it our best mate. And you must need to download this best mate which is Vidmate.

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