Vidmate 4.2.6

As the world is progressing, everything is becoming more quick and fast. In today’s hustle and bustle, people don’t have time even for themselves. It’s quite common, that you may miss a episode of your favorite drama or a talk show. For students having their exams and missing out on their favorite movie, let’s think of a way so they could watch it somehow. Well, Let me show you a magic! You only need to download Vidmate app and all your dramas, movies, songs and talk shows are just at one click. Isn’t it great?  You can thanks me later when you are done with watching all the missed episodes.

Vidmate is an amazing and unique Android App that allows you to search and download the data from thousands of websites online. Honestly speaking before Vidmate downloading a video was a hectic task. It’s a small app requiring just a small space but performing many bigger tasks.

Whats new

Every new version opens a new world of features for it’s clients. And it’s not stopping at all. Don’t believe me? Have a look for Vidmate 4.2.6

Advancement in Downloading Technology

Multiple download

This super version allows you multiple features regarding download. What if you want to watch a new drama, movie, talkshow together at the same time. Well,  this version allows you multiple download which means many videos downloaded at the same time.

Background download

For days when you are too busy but need some entertainment as well. This feature is the best for sure. You can continue your work while video will keep on downloading in the background. Yeah, so much of the time is saved.

Download resume

It happens that sometimes our internet connection goes down during downloading. Ahh!  Bad luck. But no more. There’s a button to resume your download from the same point, once the internet connection is back. You just need to click that option before losing your heart. And in order to click it, you need to download the Vidmate app!

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