Vidmate 4.2.2

We have got many websites like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc, but downloading the stuff from these websites still seems to be a huge and difficult task. To overcome this problem, we have got something really amazing for you. Guess what? It’s Vidmate App. Now a days, this unique app has completely taken over the internet. So, you need to download Vidmate App as well.

Vidmate was firstly developed by a UCWeb  being a part of the great Alibaba Group. This application has almost 600 million+ fans from many different countries. Whoa!  Isn’t that huge?  And the good news is, the application is completely free of cost being available for downloading in only APK version while it will also be made available on Google Play Store very soon. But you can easily download in APK version too.

Vidmate truly acts as your best mate by making all the downloading tasks, hundred times easier whether it’s any song or movie. Vidmate also keep on updating their versions by introducing some new features that brings many amazing benefits to the users.

What’s new:

Let’s discuss the features of version 4.2.2 of Vidmate app.

Download videos in HD

More good videos means more fun and more details easily visible and that’s what Vidmate provides us with. All the videos downloaded with Vidmateare in best quality which means HD quality.  That’s something we all want because who prefer a blur video when you can make it crystal clear.

HD videos online

Not only downloading, Vidmate also helps you to play online videos in best of quality and this feature is already high on demand among users. So, no doubt it will also be strongly appreciated.

Choose your own color resolutions:

One more amazing feature is that Vidmate allows the user to download the video as per their own choice of format and color resolution, leaving it upon the user. It proves Vidmate is a user friendly app.

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