Vidmate 4.2.1

Confused regarding downloading a new app? Want to download some new stuff from youtube? Or just need to add some music to your life by updating your playlist? Well, here is a perfect solution for you. And that’s Vidmate app with an updated version of 4.2.1 ! Yes, you hear that right.

Many people have VidMate installed in their phones, almost upto billion you can say.Its an unique Android application that helps you to easily download any video from the YouTube, any story from WhatsApp, and many other platforms. This special functionality however,made very popular in many countries including India where downloading videos on mobiles remained a major problem and sometimes also very expensive.

Whats new

Still confused that whether this was the app you were looking to for so long? You are at the right place then, let’s discuss features of Vidmate version 4.2.1 :

Absolutely free website

For many websites on Internet, you need to pay some money in order to download a video. Well! That’s not the case here. You can download video,music or anything you want and that too absolutely free. You don’t need to pay even a penny to operate the website. You can us it whenever and wherever you want and there is absolutely no limitation. All the amazing features available free of cost! So, it’s completely irresistible. Just download the app and enjoy free downloading.

Flexible and convenient

This app can be easily downloaded on all smart phones. You don’t require a large space or a special phone for this app. It is also easily available all over the internet. You just need to search for the Vidmate app and everything is right infront of you. Don’t forget to click the download button and download the free app on your phone. It’s just that easy!

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