Vidmate 4.1

Vidmate App 4.1 was released to the public last April 4, 2019.

From its debut in 2016, the Vidmate app has seen better days and the worst of times. However, because the developer is aiming for success, they have continuously fixed the minor bugs and problems to be able to satisfy the needs of the mobile application’s users.

Vidmate App Overview

If you are looking for a mobile application to download videos and music, Vidmate app is the one for you. With its speedy download, you can download a limitless number of files no matter the size and the format is.

With Vidmate app, you can also download files simultaneously without worrying about the storage space for the mobile application has its own virtual memory space. And when it gets full, the Vidmate will automatically delete old files to make way for the newer files.

Aside for the music and videos that you can download from different media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Daily Motion, and Youtube among many others, you can also use this mobile application to download games and other applications.

Ultimately, you do not need to download media players for Vidmate has its own media player that is compatible with almost all types of media.

Download Vidmate App here to see it for yourself!

New Features of Vidmate App 4.1

Just the same, Vidmate can download music and videos all at the same time fast. It still runs in 4.0 and up Android OS and is free to download and free to use.

In this new version, the developer has fixed the JavaScript issue. They have also made it easy to share videos with WhatsApp. Lastly, they had improved and enhanced the WhatsApp status Saver experience. More so, with the storage size of 13.85 MB, you can enjoy your favorite movie anytime and anywhere. Download Vidmate App for the best movie and sound tripping experience you will ever have.

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