Vidmate 4.1.4

There are many video downloaders you can get from the internet and install on your mobile device. However, not all are equally the same. Some apps need to be purchased while some can be downloaded for free. There are apps that offer tons of online websites you can download from while there are those that are restricted to a few. If you are looking for a mobile app that has been tried and tested by many individuals worldwide, download VidMate app here.

What is Vidmate application?

VidMate is a mobile application that will give you the chance to download video contents from various web pages like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. With the app, you can download the short video to full films without hindrances. Aside from the fact is the app is a video downloader per se, it can also download music from sources like Soundcloud for music lovers. And with the built-in mp3 converter, podcasts can be converted to MP3s thus making VidMate a versatile mobile app that anybody can make use of on their devices.

Another feature of VidMate includes multiple downloads all at the same time. Moreover, if there is a need to stop the download, you can do so and resume at your own pace. You do not have to be on your phone all the time for the download to continue, you can download still even when you are out of sight.

Apart from being able to download videos and music, you can also download TV shows from more than 200 TV stations or stream all you want all day long.

What’s happening in Version 4.1.4?

The recent version of VidMate can be downloaded here. In this version, what makes it apart from the previous versions is that there will no more issues when it comes to the app stalling as the bugs were fixed. Furthermore, there will be more websites where you can download movies and tracks.

There are more reasons why you have to download VidMate app, try it for yourself.

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