Vidmate 4.1.2

If you have been using VidMate for some time now, then you are in for more exciting news. Just recently, VidMate has undergone minor tweaking from its developer. These minor changes have been constantly made by its creator in order to improve and update one of the best Youtube downloaders for mobile devices. This is why you have to ditch the older version and download Vidmate app 4.1.2.

Recent Update

There is no need to worry about the recent update of VidMate as it is just a minor one! The best features of the app are still the same. In the recent version of this video downloader app is that there are more websites where you can download movies without any additional charges. Furthermore, you will still be guaranteed of the fast download speed of the app.

To be able to enjoy the app more, your device should have a version 4.0 or up of the Android Operating System. Although the old versions of the app are still up and running, it is highly recommended that you download VidMate App 4.1.2 for a better download experience.

Just a reminder though when you download the latest version make sure that you have granted permission for your phone to download from “Unknown Sources” which can be found on the device’s setting.

What’s New?

The main priority of VidMate’s developers is the end users and that includes you. That is why they constantly update the mobile app. In this update, bugs were removed to enhance the usage and minimize the crashing down of the app. The developers know how irritating it would be if the mobile app will crash down in the middle of the download.

Moreover, VidMate 4.1.2 has a better download speed than the previous version. Regardless of the file’s format or size, the files being downloaded will be done in no time. In any case, make sure that you are connected to a good internet connection to experience the fast download rate.

The APK of the recent VidMate can be found here. Download VidMate app now to experience a superior download speed.

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