Vidmate 4.1.1

If you are looking for a versatile mobile app that will bring you tons of movies with no holds bar, then you have come to the right place. Download VidMate App now and experience a first-rate movie binging session.

What is VidMate Application?

If you have not heard of VidMate, it is a mobile application that will give you limitless movie experience in just one app.

One of the best highlights of VidMate is that it allows you to download audio and video recordings from the web without boundaries. As long as the memory space of your cell phone is not yet fully consumed then you can download as many films or audio you want.

But Vidmate is not only good at downloading movies online, with the app you can edit your own recordings or the downloaded videos using the built-in video editor of the app.

As mentioned, apart from downloading videos on VidMate, you can also download unlimited music with the app. Or by the use of the app’s MP3 converter, you can convert videos to audio files to free up the memory space of your phone.

Unlike other video downloaders found on the internet, VidMate can support types of video formats. Thus you will have a wide array of options to choose from without compromising the memory space of your device.

Lastly, HD movies can be downloaded in less than an hour. It is because the developers of VidMate have invested in making downloads of movies easy and fast. The creators of the app have engineered Vidmate that you will spend more time enjoying your downloads than taking most of it downloading the files. But of course, it would also depend on your data connection. So if you happen to have a very good internet connection then you can have HD films store in your device in no time.

What’s New?

Since 2016, the first launch of VidMate, the developers purposely releases different versions of the app. In the version 4.1.1 of VidMate, you will expect faster downloads and less crashing as they have fixed minor bugs found in the app. Furthermore, for the user to have a better movie experience, they have enhanced the user interface for easy navigation.

With all that has been said and done, download VidMate so that you will not be left behind with what is new in Hollywood.

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