VidMate 4.0.5

If you have not heard of the mobile application, VidMate, then surely you have not experienced binge watching of movies with no cost at all.

VidMate is the best mobile application that lets you download your favorite movies from various sites on the internet. With VidMate, you can fill up the storage space of your mobile device to your heart’s content without having to worry about your data consumption.

Most of the people have paid television, cable subscription for their home. However, if you are always on the go and you do not want to miss your favorite TV show or movie, live streaming can be a pain the pocket as it will take much from your data packs. With VidMate, you can have endless hours of movie content anytime and anywhere with no limit even if you are offline.

You read it right! You can watch movies and TV shows even if you are offline. The developers understand that the mobile data can be expensive that is why with VidMate on your mobile device, you can download online videos from 1000+ supported sites with no strings attached.

VidMate also comes with its own media player that is compatible with all video and audio formats, hence there is no need for you to download another application.

New features of VidMate App 4.0.5

Since day one of the release in 2016, the developer has always been aiming for success which is why they have to keep on updating the program to enhance the experience of the users. For this version, the developer had improved the free video feature making sure that users can watch any videos they like with no cost at all. Also, the bugs were fixed to minimize the crashing of the application.

In conclusion, VidMate is a must-have mobile application for your smartphone especially if you are a movie addict. If you have not installed it yet, Download VidMate app here.

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