Top Five HD Video Downloaders

Whenever one desires to download any content from online, be it from youtube, you need a fast and reliable downloader to download for you. Below are top five HD downloaders for you.


It is an amazing and powerful youtube video downloader. It enables you to download videos from various sites such as facebook, Youtube, instagram and many more sites. It enables you to download and stream multiple videos in all formats that are available. You can choose the quality and format of the video you want easily, sharing it from with the app to any platform you want to share to.

Videoder video downloader comes with an impressive UI making the app very customizable with a fast downloading speed. It is packed with multiple amazing themes, in-built video, night mode and other various features. Videoder pc app gives you ability to download videos from over 50+ sites, has an in-built browser, a 4k video downloader, an album art and tag editor, batch downloader whereby you can make a collection of videos and set them to download at a go, up to 10x faster download speed and many more features.

Videoder is not found in play store but you can download videoder app from its official website or download videoder APK online. The procedure for downloading videos using videoder is; first you open the site in the app for e.g youtube, then you search the video you want to download, tap the download button and select the link that pops up with the video format you want and start downloading. Another way is by sharing the video on youtube to the app.


Tubemate is another excellent android video downloader with an elegant interface that is easy to use. Using tubemate you can download videos from many video sharing sites. With its in-built browser, you get to access various sites and download the videos you want from your preferred site.

This app offers you an option of choosing the file format and quality of video before downloading it. Once you have downloaded, the files are automatically stored in your phones memory. You can also opt to download the videos in mp3 format too if you want it in mp3. It offers many video quality options too ranging from low resolution up to 4k video quality.

Tubemate also has an in-built media player that can play high definition videos. You can download a file while listening to music at the same time.  It also offers other impressive features like; multiple downloading copies at the same time, download pause, automatic installation of updates, URL editor and forward button.

This app offers a fast downloading speed even in slow internet. You can download the tubemate app and tubemate APK from its website. The downside of this app is that it has many advertisements that keep popping up, but overall it as an awesome app.


Vidmate video downloader app is one of the most reliable and remarkable app for downloading videos from youtube and many other sites. It gives you ability to search files in category form such as; TV shows, music, movies or you can directly search for the file you wanted. Vidmate app provides you with a very fast downloading speed; although you can customize the rate and even select the download location you prefer using the download settings.

Vidmate for android has a in-built music player, video player and you can hide videos by creating an encrypted space within Vidmate app. It supports and downloads high resolution videos from youtube, facebook, tumblr, instagram and other sites. Vidmate apk also allows you to stream videos live, watch over 200 TV channels including sports, movie, fashion, entertainment channels and many more.

Download Vidmate to be able to edit videos and make compilations or effects that best fit your desire. It is so cool in editing any videos and even downloading videos from any website you may think of. This app is amazing and one of the best downloader for your android.


Snaptube is a downloader that is trustworthy for androids in downloading videos. It has a user-friendly interface that is organized by popular videos, sites and categories such as movies, music, TV shows and many other categories. It also offers a direct youtube search using its search bar.

It acts as a fast youtube downloader giving you choices to choose quality and format of the file you want to download. Snaptube enables you to share downloaded videos on twitter, instagram, facebook and other platforms. Downloaded videos are automatically saved in your device and can be organized in file format of music and video categories.

You can download snaptube app and apk from its website and follow the following steps when using snaptube to download videos. First you open the app and select youtube site from its homepage. Then you search for the video you want to download in the search bar. Select the video and tap on download button that is displayed to the right of the video. Finally choose the quality of the video and start downloading. It is simple and gives you quality downloads.

YT3 youtube downloader

YT3 youtube downloader is a simple android app that allows you to download videos from youtube in mp3 and mp4 formats. YT3 has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and it downloads videos at a fast speed that is impressive. It automatically saves the videos to download folder on your android.

This downloader gives you video quality options to choose from and it displays lyrics as you listen to the music. The downside of this app is that it only downloads videos and music from youtube site. When using YT3 to download you follow the following simple steps. First you open the app, and then you search for the video you want. You select the option of file you want i.e. if it is mp3 or mp4 and proceed to download the video.

YT3 gives you an option to share the video using the app.


The above five downloaders are amazing in downloading videos at a fast speed. Each of the apps has different interfaces and it is up to you to decide which app fits you best.

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