About Us

Vidmate is one of those apps that everyone knows about. Whether you at school, university or job there is always someone who will ask things like ‘Guys, have you heard about Vidmate app?’ or ‘How do I use this application?’. That’s why we come up with our website¬†vidmateapp.pro where everyone can download Vidmate app for free.

But sometimes a user gets some error during the installation process. Or a file gets corrupted. Or anything else happens that prevents anybody to enjoy this powerful streaming and video downloading app. That’s where our installation instructions come in handy. We’ve tried our best to explain every possible step of installing the application on your mobile device. If you experience any error you can easily get it solved by looking at our FAQ page or Vidmate install page.

We try our best to provide you with the latest app version. It is necessary to get the latest version possible – devs fix bugs all the time, and they also add some features from time to time. So downloading the latest Vidmate version gives you access to the latest app features and better user experience overall.

Don’t hesitate to write comments and reviews about our job – we do our best to give you all information about this HD video downloader!